Global Collaboration Insights is a strategic business consulting firm focused on developing exceptional leaders, teams, and individuals. A strong partner with a personalized coaching and training approach is critical to successful organizational development during times of change and uncertainty. To reflect our clients’ needs for agility, adaptability, and inspired growth, we offer the following expertise and partnership:

  • A unique range of research-based knowledge and tested practices with 20+ years of experience working concurrently with global companies and universities, among other sectors.
  • Nearly a decade of deep expertise in global virtual team collaboration while contributing to best practices and thought leadership in the remote workspace.
  • Focused exploration and strategic implementation for organizations and individuals of core leadership capabilities such as cultural and emotional intelligence through a holistic, diverse, and inclusive human development lens.
  • Business case support for organizations to optimize their talent pipeline investment through strategic development, engagement, career mobility, succession planning, and retention.
  • Insightful consulting, coaching, and facilitation solutions for all of the above critical people dimensions and more.

Global Collaboration Insights maintains a close network of experienced consultants to ensure the best fit and the ability to meet or exceed clients’ expectations.

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As an executive and leadership coach, I challenge my clients to reflect on powerful questions, gain self-awareness to clearly articulate their vision and goals, and take compelling action to move forward.

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Certifications & Affiliations

Global Collaboration Insights holds the following premier professional and assessment certifications and serves as an active member and/or speaker for the following associations.

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Awards, Recognition & Speaking Expertise

Global Collaboration Insights is pleased to note the following selected awards, recognition, and speaking engagements.

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Who We’ve Helped

Serving a wide range of customers in both the private and public sectors.

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“Collaboration and teamwork are inherent features of human life and evolving continuously. As human society keeps changing, the reasons and ways people find to work together will keep changing.”

— Wageman, Gardner, & Mortensen, University scholars