Global Collaboration Insights is your strategic partner focused on developing exceptional leaders, teams, and individuals. We will help you and your organization cut through the noise during times of change and uncertainty so that you can focus on what matters most.

To reflect our clients’ needs for agility and adaptability along with a desire for inspired growth, we offer expertise and proven results in leadership development, high-performing global virtual teams, cultural and emotional intelligence, and communication capabilities.


We provide organizational leaders and their teams at all levels with opportunities for accelerated growth and development via a human-centered approach that recognizes and elevates strengths, knowledge, and capabilities. Our clients face challenges including maximizing investment in developing and engaging their talent, fostering communication and collaboration, navigating cultural intelligence on global virtual teams, and identifying and leveraging the best tools and resources for actionable results.

Selected ways we can help:

  • Consulting on strategic planning, leadership development, global growth and communication, team collaboration
  • Self-assessments and 360 feedback assessments
  • Executive, leadership, and team coaching engagements
  • Customized workshops and team-building sessions
  • Learning and action blueprints

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We guide motivated individuals at all levels to explore questions such as eliminating barriers to reach their potential, embarking on a new career path, boosting their self-confidence and resilience through emotional intelligence, and enhancing their communication skills and authentic brand. We help many professionals consider their best outcome. Whether it’s increasing self-awareness and reflection, or moving into action with accountability, clients appreciate our holistic strengths-based approach that unveils new insights to help them move forward.

Selected ways we can help:

  • Consulting on individual development and other key decisions
  • Self-assessments and 360 feedback assessments
  • Individual coaching engagements
  • Career mobility exploration
  • Individual learning and action blueprints

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