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Global Collaboration Insights specializes in engaging and elevating people to reach their full potential, drawing on a wide range of strategic development and delivery expertise. Below are just a few insights into the value-added solutions we offer to your organization, your leaders or you individually.

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Leadership Development

Great leaders are the key to an organization’s success, influencing every aspect from the bottom line to future business growth to the best talent. Now more than ever, these leaders will be called on for their creativity, empathy, humility and agility to transform the next workplace and strategic vision, with an emphasis on the human factor. Those that rise to the top will be in demand in the expanding virtual work environment with fewer boundaries. We strive to help our clients grow and retain the great people leaders they need now in their talent pipeline by engaging in the following:

  • Leadership core capabilities
  • Developing talent
  • Managing remote work
  • Leading through change and transition
  • Leader onboarding
  • Executive presence and brand
  • Leading and influencing without authority
Leadership Development
“Write a new ending for yourself, for the people you’re meant to serve and support, and for your culture.”

— Brené Brown, Ph.D.

Communication Capabilities
“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

— Ryunosoke Satoro


High-Performing Global Virtual Teams

Building high-performing teams requires awareness, empathy, and intentional focus in an increasingly global and virtual environment. Our deep expertise in global virtual team research and practice will help leaders and team members understand the complexities and nuances, as well as how to provide the onboarding foundation and sustainable engagement that is often taken for granted. We consult with our clients on planning and assessing their team initiative and leader readiness, and help them discover the many layers of a successful collaboration:

  • Virtual and remote technology challenges
  • Global, language, and culture challenges
  • Engagement, inclusion, and sense of belonging challenges
  • Building trust, respect, and shared goals
  • Participant roles, expectations, and growth opportunities
  • Team agility and transformation best practices
  • Global virtual team leader onboarding


Cultural and Emotional Intelligence

As our world grows more connected, our knowledge base and resource toolkit for effectively collaborating and leading more inclusively continues to grow. Cultural and emotional intelligence are two critical lenses through which we can see ourselves and others, and take the best actions to develop our potential and reach the best outcomes. In fact, cultural and emotional intelligence are game-changing predictors of success in both our professional and personal lives. We provide our clients with opportunities for continued growth in these areas:

  • Assessing current awareness levels
  • Developing strategic customized action plans
  • Analyzing different cultural values and behaviors
  • Managing changing emotions, relationships, and behaviors
  • Maximizing impact on individual and team engagement
  • Leveraging cultural and emotional intelligence as a competitive advantage
Leadership Development
“Your intellect may be confused but your emotions will never lie to you.”

– Roger Ebert

Communication Capabilities
“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

― George Bernard Shaw


Communication Capabilities

Better communication is an employee skill that is often at the top of organizations’ wish lists. Yet, it is difficult to define as it can vary widely across individual and leadership styles, national and organizational cultures as well as industry norms. The ability to communicate clearly, concisely, and effectively with diverse audiences is an underestimated pivotal skill that will set individuals apart from their peers at all levels of an organization. We help our clients identify and narrow the precise capabilities to develop within the following intersecting areas:

  • Intercultural and international business communication
  • Interpersonal and group communication
  • Virtual communication
  • Nonverbal communication
  • Multigenerational communication
  • Compelling presentations
  • Persuasive writing

Consulting and Coaching

We collaborate with our clients to uncover the root cause of challenges impacting business results, align the people strategy, and prioritize development and communication through targeted consulting and/or coaching partnerships to move the needle on organizational and individual goals. Typical group and one-on-one opportunities may include:

  • Strategic business planning
  • Executive coaching sessions
  • Integrated talent management implementation
  • Leadership and high-potential pipeline assessments
  • Learning and development assessments
  • Employee experience and engagement feedback
Consulting / Coaching
“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”

— George Eliot

Workshop Facilitation
“A good head and good heart are always a formidable combination. But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen, then you have something very special.”

— Nelson Mandela


Workshop Facilitation

We offer a wide range of timely workshops, classes, and individualized learning options as stand-alone offerings or part of a blended development program. Customizable sessions are delivered in-person or live online by a highly-rated facilitator. We use engaging instructional design for participant interaction to help drive home the learning objectives and set up sustainable on-the-job application. Below are just a few of our recommended sessions:

  • Teamwork and Collaboration in a Global Virtual World
  • Elevate Engagement on Virtual Work Teams
  • Leading High-Performing Remote Teams
  • Leading Diverse and Inclusive Teams
  • Communicating Across Cultures: Cultural Intelligence
  • The Intersection of Culture, Generations, and Communication
  • Building Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Maximize Your Strengths to Boost Resilience
  • Thriving Through Constant Change
  • Leading Without Direct Authority



Certified to deliver a wide range of premier global assessments, we follow through to provide focused analysis and guidance to help you uncover new insights and accountable actions to drive your development. These research-based assessments may be integrated into a learning program or conducted as part of a coaching engagement.

  • CQ and CQ 360 (cultural intelligence)
  • EQ-i 2.0 and EQ-i 360 (emotional intelligence)
  • Hogan Assessment Suite (personality, leadership)
  • Korn Ferry Voices 360 (leadership competencies)
  • VIA Character Strengths (personal strengths)
  • MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator; personality preferences)
  • TKI (Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Inventory; conflict management)
  • Social Styles (social intelligence)
“The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.”

— J. Krishnamurti

“Passion for knowledge, motivation for continuous learning.”

— Lailah Gifty Akita



Are you looking for an outside speaker with a unique perspective for your live or virtual event?  We are frequently asked to participate in a variety of local, national, and international speaking engagements on a range of current topics. Consider inviting us to present fresh insights on a topic of interest and relevance to your group.

  • Team offsites
  • Leadership retreats
  • Professional association meetings
  • Business and academic conference sessions
  • Guest lectures and keynotes