Karin, thank you again for leading us through an amazing 2-day training on Emotional Intelligence! I appreciate your kind words of encouragement, professionalism and leadership. It is hands down one of the best trainings I’ve attended in my professional career!

Linda V.

I had the pleasure of working with Karin to facilitate a session on emotional intelligence and teamwork. Karin is an excellent facilitator! She communicated concepts clearly, asked thoughtful questions with empathy, and created a safe environment for learning. Participants were deeply impressed with Karin’s expertise and preparation.

Ashley Alexander
Organization Development and Learning, University of Minnesota Libraries

Karin Goettsch has been a tremendously helpful strategic advisor to Workplace Languages over the 10+ years I’ve consulted with her. She is incredibly professional and focused and has taken the time to truly understand our business of translation and language training services. Due to her ideal background for us in intercultural communication and instructional design in corporate and education settings, she has a talent for seeing the roadblocks that stand in our way to grow the business and run it effectively. Karin always recommends concrete, actionable steps to help Workplace Languages reach its business goals. I look forward to continuing to work with Global Collaboration Insights as we focus on our future.

Ed Rosheim
President, Workplace Languages

I have engaged and/or recommended Karin as a consultant to facilitate board meetings; design and deliver in-person and virtual training; analyze, organize and present survey data; and teach college courses. She quickly assesses needs and recommends creative and viable solutions. She follows through on commitments and delivers excellent results. Karin’s expansive knowledge, collaborative approach, and transparent style are very effective in working with clients to deliver stated objectives. I would not hesitate to contact her again for future consulting needs.

Dr. Julie Tschida
Leadership and Organizational Development Leader

Karin was a key project design partner to me for over six years at a global corporation on a broad range of leadership, organization and employee development initiatives. Karin brings that rare blend of creativity, organizational skills and drive for results that ensures any effort meets high standards of quality in a timely manner. Her superior interpersonal skills allow her to quickly build trust and forge effective working relationships with key stakeholders at every level. Karin has both breadth and depth of expertise in a variety of organizational settings that makes her a powerful business partner. She also brings the most current research and methodologies to her work. I highly recommend Karin’s consulting, coaching, facilitation and project management skills for leadership and organizational development efforts.

Mary Cavanagh
Director, Organization Development, Learning and Talent Management, University of Minnesota Foundation

I met Karin when I attended her compelling presentation on global virtual team collaboration at The Association for Talent Development (ATD) 2018 international conference. Since then I’ve partnered with her on multiple occasions and we shared the stage on a panel to discuss “a global workforce and what it takes to succeed”.  I appreciate her professional and engaging speaking style as well as her deep experience in both business and research. I have consulted with Karin on leadership and team building best practices and look forward to future opportunities. I highly recommend Karin and Global Collaboration Insights.

Wangari Kamau
Principal Consultant, Soma Global Consulting

Karin is the go-to expert in global virtual teams, collaboration, and communication. She is a thought leader, expert speaker, excellent consultant, and an organizational development solutions designer with hands-on experience in unique and challenging global assignments in talent development. When we met at ATD’s international conference a few years ago, I knew I had found what I was looking for: the passion for the practice and the desire to be on the cutting edge combined with the expertise and high-quality standards. Karin has succeeded in delivering above and beyond expectations.

Edith Tiencken
President, Smart Brain Insights

Karin Goettsch is a leading expert in global virtual teams and intercultural communication. Since 2012 she has been a regular and highly inspirational contributor to the international conferences hosted by the Association for Business Communication (ABC), the world’s premier organization in the field of business and professional communication. In 2016 I worked with Karin on a panel I convened on the topic of the scholar-teacher-practitioner interface at ABC’s first ever conference in Africa, in Cape Town. That’s when I realized what a dynamic, motivated and internationally oriented professional she is. Whenever I get to see Karin’s work, I am impressed with how relevant, clear and innovative it is. Karin received ABC Awards for Communication Consulting, for Outstanding Dissertation and for Research (the Marty Baker Graham Research Award). It is rather unique for a single person to receive such wide-ranging recognition in the field. In July 2020 Karin presented a much-praised YouTube ABC e-lecture on the topic of “Elevating Engagement on Virtual Work Teams”.

Prof. Geert Jacobs
Director of the Master Program in Multilingual Business Communication at Ghent University, Belgium, and 2020-2021 President of the Association for Business Communication (ABC)

Karin is a consummate scholar/practitioner in business communications, especially in inter-/cross-cultural settings, which I witnessed firsthand when working with her on a collaborative project involving perceptions of diversity in cultural context. As a principal investigator, Karin thought carefully through each part of the project and planned everything in meticulous detail. Drawing on the project, we gave two presentations in 2019, one at an international conference in Shanghai, China, and one at an annual convention in Detroit, Michigan, both very well received. Based on experience, I highly recommend Karin and believe her expertise will be a great asset to any individual or organization that would like to work with her.

Yong-Kang Wei, Ph.D.
Professor, Writing and Language Studies at University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Karin Goettsch presents a comprehensive and clearly-explained overview of ways to increase engagement and motivation in addressing the opportunities (and challenges) of virtual teamwork. Her advice is particularly noteworthy in including the cultural and leadership issues inherent in virtual global team settings [and] is equally useful in a classroom as in a boardroom for engaging virtual strategies.

David Victor, Ph.D.
Professor of Management and International Business at Eastern Michigan University, Consultant and Author