ICF Workshop: Coaching for Better Cultural Intelligence

Reflecting on my recent participation in the International Coaching Federation’s 2021 International Coaching Week, I was energized by facilitating two early morning workshops for global practitioners representing two dozen countries on the topic of “Coaching for Better Cultural Intelligence.”

Whether you are in a leader role or you help develop leaders, you might recognize these common themes that were shared across our regions in these discussions. Let’s think about how we intelligently:

  • Reimagine virtual onboarding, workplace re-entry and hybrid dissonance
  • Prepare leaders for the complexities of global virtual teams and address their pain points
  • Listen carefully to employees resisting various culture changes
  • Foster virtual team inclusion and a sense of belonging through authentic communication

Thanks to all who engaged! Plans are in the works to bring the group together again soon.

Author: Karin Goettsch

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