Newsletter: June of 2021

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“Who’s looking out for you?” 

Every day we hear changing updates on the state of work – innovative ideas laced with ambiguous policies and plans; excitement soon neutralized by disappointment. As your organization is looking ahead, many of the strategic and operational decisions might be cloudy. It’s more than understandable if you’re still feeling the weight of the past year plus, while others start to jump ahead.

A significant number of leaders and employees overall are struggling across many industries. A recent poll revealed that an astonishing 3 in 10 healthcare workers are considering leaving their profession.  And with increased virtual possibilities eliminating many barriers, another study warns that 52% of North American workers plan to seek new jobs in what’s termed the “2021 Turnover Tsunami.” While leaders are charged with navigating their teams through these waters, it’s easy to overlook their own well-being. Often surprised clients will take an extended pause when I ask, “Who’s looking out for you?”

Whether through facilitating important group discussions or coaching individuals in their development, Global Collaboration Insights (GCI) helps leaders and other key professionals address their top-of-mind concerns in order to be poised to move forward in dynamic ways. This is particularly apt in today’s expanded and uneven global or multicultural virtual experiences where diminished emotional and cultural intelligence play out in highly visible ways.

Global executive coaching connections
In the last issue, I highlighted the value of developing your emotional intelligence as one key component of collaboration. Now, reflecting on my recent participation in the International Coaching Federation’s 2021 International Coaching Week, I was energized by facilitating two early morning workshops for global practitioners representing two dozen countries on the topic of Coaching for Better Cultural Intelligence. Whether you are in a leader role or you help develop leaders, you might recognize these common themes that were shared across our regions in these discussions. Let’s think about how we intelligently:

  • Reimagine virtual onboarding, workplace re-entry and hybrid dissonance
  • Prepare leaders for the complexities of global virtual teams and address their pain points
  • Listen carefully to employees resisting various culture changes
  • Foster team inclusion and a sense of belonging through authentic communication

My thanks to all who engaged. Plans are in the works to bring the group together again soon.

Conversation & Collaboration – a new twist on workshops
These and other critical issues of leader engagement and fulfillment deserve a deeper dive – so you can confidently answer that you are looking out for yourself, whichever hats you’re wearing. Consider what coaching and development of cultural and emotional intelligence can add to your resilience toolkit.

Open to taking the next step? In the coming months, GCI is excited to offer a Conversation & Collaboration event for a limited group of invitees. See below for how you can be a part – we’d love to hear your perspective.

Karin Goettsch, Ph.D.
Founder and Principal

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Author: Karin Goettsch

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