Global Virtual Teams: An Intercultural Communication Reality Check

The ‘whys’ of intercultural communication reality checks

It is clearer than ever that in our rapidly-changing workplaces, effective international business communication, increasingly in virtual environments, is growing in importance within many organizations. One specific domain highlighting this need is global virtual teams (GVTs).

Specifically, GVTs may be most succinctly defined as technology-mediated, globally-dispersed work groups, usually representing different languages and cultures, and certainly presenting organizations with added layers of communication complexity that often aid or hinder in accomplishing their goals.

What Our Clients Say

“Karin Goettsch’s article links an underrepresented research facet of international business communication to global virtual teams. This in itself is useful for providing sound research in a fast-developing area. This is enhanced even further though for the point of view Goettsch provides not only as an academic researcher but as a practitioner.”

— David Victor, Ph.D.
Editor, Global Advances in Business Communication journal; Professor of Management and International Business (Eastern Michigan University)

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